Company Profile

Primheda is a provider of financial and strategic services to private individuals and organizations. We uniquely combine business acumen, innovation and the drive to help our clients grow which enables us accomplish your most challenging objectives. Primheda also distinguishes itself by employing top talent across the country, assembling the right team to meet our clients’ needs.
We are truly committed to empowering our clients; as we enlighten you on opportunities you never knew existed, to enable you surpass your greatest expectations. Every day, we are expanding the horizon for our clients to soar!

Primheda was established to provide financial and strategic services to our clients. We take pride in addressing their needs and delivering customized solutions to private individuals and organizations in the areas of financial advisory, asset management, budgeting and credit accessibility as well as business and management consulting.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision
To become the leading customer centric financial institution in Africa that empowers individuals and businesses in order to reduce poverty in Africa and to foster inclusive development.

Our Mission
To provide world class services and solutions by employing cutting edge technology and extensive industry research, using the best practices to ensure the continuous growth of our clients and customers assets portfolio and to provide the best consulting services which ensue significant positive change in our clients’ operations.

Our Values

Customer Service
We are customer centric as we put our clients first. We have their best interests at heart because we want to see our clients grow. This is extremely important to us as we believe our clients’ growth is our growth. We take our time to listen and understand our clients’ needs in order to develop custom solutions to meet those needs. We also provide quick response to your queries and requests as we aim to reply you promptly and professionally.

Transparency builds customer and investor confidence. It helps our customers make well informed decisions. We ensure we provide our clients with honest and complete information. We are setting an example for others to follow.

Integrity is at the heart of our business. We are committed to high ethical standards and the best professional practices. We also adhere to strict business principles and respect our clients’ diverse background, ideas, experiences, approaches as we fulfil their greatest expectations.

Using inventive processes, we break the bounds of what is and chart the course for what is to come. We constantly push ourselves to find faster, better, more efficient ways of meeting our set objectives.

Knowledge is power. We pride ourselves in the extensive research we carry out on all subject matters as we seek to create opportunities from the information we gather. Our research capabilities are not limited to our staff but extends to customers and freelancers.

The Primheda team is balanced one comprising of seasoned professionals with decades of experience and young enthusiastic graduates. We have collective experience in risk analysis and management, asset management, financial accounting, business administration and development, software design and development, writing and graphics design.